What advantages can we offer ?

Reserve using our website

Simple and efficient booking process

  1. Enter your transfer data, your pickup point, your destination and number of hours of your vehicle booking.
  2. Choose the type of your appropiate vehicle as well as number of people.
  3. Enter your personal information to perform you the service.
  4. In a short time we will answer with your confirmation and an online payment to confirm the reservation. This reservation will be a 30% from total amount.
  5. You will receive an email or sms with your confirmation

Do I need to double confirm my reservation after receiving the confirmation ?

If you have received an email with the confirmation, you don’t need to confirm anything. Unless we ask you to check your transfer back, you don’t need to confirm it.

Shall I warn if my baggage is bigger than usual?

Yes, if your baggage exceeds of 76cm x 48cm or 85L volume you must make it know us

Will I receive a confirmation message once it has been made the reservation?

Of course! Once it has been checked the availability we will send you an email with the instructions so you can pay 30 % of the total amount of your reservation. The rest of the amount will be paid to the choffer in cash or with credit card.

Where will I find to my choffer?

For transfer from the airport, you will have to access to the arrivals zone or to the meeting point specified in your voucher of reservation, where your driver or a representative will wait for you with a cartel or tablet with the name of the principal passenger.

For transfers from a port of cruises or train station, they will gather you always in the nearest possible meeting point. We will inform you about the meeting point in the instructions of withdrawal in your voucher of reservation.

From transfers from home the driver will wait for you in the receipt or in the exterior of the building.

Flights delay: if your arrival flight is late or is turned aside to a different airport, we will do everything possible for rescheduling your transfer at your new arrival hour, in a free way. If we cannot reschedule your transfer due to the lack of vehicles, there will reimburse itself the total amount of the affected movement.

Train delay: If you have reserved a transfer from a train station, the driver will wait for you 15 minutes from the indicated hour in your voucher of reservation. We have not updated information about trains delays.

Delay ships: if your ship comes late, please, contact us at least 2 hours before the hour indicated in your voucher of reservation. We will try to reschedule your transfer or it will reimburse the amount for the not used service. The driver will wait up to 15 minutes from the hour of programmed withdrawal.

If I want to cancel my reservation, how is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any of your transfers or all your online reservation sending us an e-mail. The cancellations received with more than 24 hours will be reimbursed in its entirety. Reimbursements of cancellations will not be realized received less than 24 hours before the hour of the transfer. In case of not having right to reimbursement, you will receive always an e-mail with a letter of attached cancellation, which you can serve you to claim the expenses to your tour operator, airline or trip insurance.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, all our vehicles incorporate 4G or wireless in order that they could pay comfortably the rest of the amount.

How can I modify my reservation?

You can realize most of modifications by e-mail or telephone, as long as you realize them at least 8 hours before your movement and the changes do not imply additional expenses.

You can modify

  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Principal passengers name
  • Airline, flight number and airport
  • Adress of hosting

*Changes are subject to availability.

I can’t find the destination that I want. Anyhow, can you offer a quote / price / movement?

If you do not find the city, village or zone where it is your housing placed in our drop-down list of the principal web page, you can request a budget in a very simple way and we will do everything possible to satisfy you.

Is it possible to reserve car seats? From what age?

For the majority of vehicles, car seats can be added at the same time than reservation. We arrange of car seats of the group 0 / 1 / 2 / and 3.

Will someone else travel in the vehicle that I reserve?

If you reserve a private transfer, the vehicle is of exclusive use for you or for your group.

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